Common Infectious Diseases Boils, Molluscum Contagiosum, Ring Worm

Common Infectious Diseases Boils, Molluscum Contagiosum, Ring Worm

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Our world is getting smaller by the minute, thus taking care of our health is imperative. With that said, it is important for one to know common skin infections as this would not only prevent spreading the disease to your loved ones, but would also help you to save up on costly medical treatments. This article will provide you a brief glimpse on the most common skin infections and how to treat them.


Boils often happen when a hair follicle is infected. The infection occurs when germs infect the body area due to exposure to several factors such as poor sanitary conditions or exposure to chemical(s) which can irritate the skin. A lump will then grow in the infected area and the lump will slowly develop white pus under the skin. Some patients may experience fever and in some instances, the lymph node will become swollen. To treat the skin problem, carefully apply warm compress and soak the infected area with warm water. Once the boil reaches its ripe period, the boil will burst; apply warm water until all the pus is drained. You can use an antibacterial soap to clean the area and apply creams or ointment and cover the infected part until the area heals.

Molluscum Contagiosum

Molluscum contagiosum is one common skin problem that affects all age groups, but most especially young children. The infectious disease can spread through direct contact with the infected person or contaminated objects. Although the lesions that one has will fade away with time, most would usually require treatments of the lesions especially those patients with low immune systems. Patients with molluscum should cover the lesions to prevent infecting other persons. Molluscum treatments include several options, some of which are the scraping of the lesions also known as curettage, freezing the lesion, applying topical treatments as well as using liquid medicines to remove the lesion.

Ring Worm

Ring Worm or tinea is another common skin infection which is caused by a fungal infection and affects all age groups as well. The skin disease is characterized by scaly, itchy and crusted rashes and may be passed through sharing of personal items with the infected person or direct contact. To treat ring worm, one can apply topical anti-fungal creams or ointments available over the counter. For younger patients, it is best to consult a medical health provider on the treatment that is allowed for them.

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